Sexability is a collaborative project. Together with seven artists of Thikwa Werkstatt, a workshop for artists and performers with disabilities, we did research on sexability and created pictures and animations. Here you can see some samples. The project will become a short animation film dealing, where we share our perspective on sexuality and disability.

 Naked couple, digital drawing by Merete Kaatz, 2021 

Vulva, filmstill by Hannah Grzimek, 2022 
animated loop by Sammy Serag, 2021
Christian Wollert working, 2021

Guy, digital drawing Christian Wollert, 2021
Rudina Bejtuli, Christian Wollert, Sammy Serag, me, Nico Altmann, 2022

Couple, filmstill by Rudina Bejtuli, 2022 



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