I am a visual artist, working at the intersection of fine arts, illustration and animation. 
Since 2007 I engage in self initiated and comissioned projects. The base of my artistic practice is drawing from life and storytelling. I like to tell stories about “difficult” topics.
My film Iktamuli (2019) deals with motherhood and parenting of children with disabilities. It reached a wide international audience and has 
won several awards in national and international film festivals.
My recent film project sexability is a collaboration with a group of artist with disabilities. will be produced as a film in 2024/25.
My first picture book Die Blumenfrau ( 2024) is about a person selling flowers on the street.

An important part of my practice is dedicated to teaching and collaborative art practices.
I am one of the artistic directors of the art studio at Thikwa Werkstatt, a workshop for disabled artists and performers. I coach, teach and collaborate 42 artists. I focus on empowering them.
I have extensive experience in teaching art foundations, drawing, screenprinting and illustration classes on university level.  As I have worked as an academic researcher at the illustration department of University of Europe for Applied Sciences in Berlin.

I hold an MA in Fine Arts from Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule; Halle, Germany, where I studied painting/textile. As part of my studies I have spent a year in St. Petersburg, Russia to study book graphics at Alfred Stieglitz Academy.

I am a member of: Pro Asyl e.V., AG Animationsfilm, Lebenshilfe Berlin e.V. 


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